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Real Estate Investor Magazine runner-up Property Publication of the year at the 2023 SAPOA Journalism Awards Ceremony

Real Estate Investor Magazine was crowned runner-up at SAPOA’s Property Publication of 2023 at a glittering awards ceremony held at Sun City last night. The annual Journalism Awards for Property Excellence was held at the annual SAPOA convention, networking, and awards ceremony for 2023.

The theme for the 2023 SAPOA Journalism Awards for Excellence is: Authentic journalism is good business practice. The SAPOA Journalism Awards for Excellence are designed to applaud local media who use their words boldly to tell the truth and challenge the status quo.

There was a strict list of criteria that the judging panel used to determine nominees and winners in each category:

  • Are the stories contained relevant to the property industry?
  • Does the publication edition have a well-developed clear focus and theme that runs throughout?
  • Did the writers succeed in presenting the various stories contained in an understandable, accessible way?
  • Did the writers display quality language use in terms of style, tone, grammar, sentence construction?
  • Did the journalists display a deep understanding of how to use the written word to communicate effectively with readers?
  • Was there a strong, compelling introduction to each story?
  • Are the stories well-organised and structured and the writing lively and engaging?

PROPERTY PUBLICATION 2023 – Winner Real Estate Investor Magazine

    Real Estate Investor Magazine
    walked away with the Property Publication of the Year for 2023 the third time as winner in their sixteen year existence.

The media landscape is changing at a rapid rate. While presentation on different media platforms used to be important not too long ago, the key to success in media nowadays is content, irrespective of the platform on which it is featured.

Most journalists nowadays work across platforms and it is not unusual for someone considered to be a print journalist to also produce videos, audio, online and social media offerings.

Neale Petersen, founder and editor-in-chief says he attributes the award to his entire team, their real estate community including the industry who has supported them for more than 16 years. It is the culmination of their vast property experience and hard work for more than a decade and a half.

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