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Revolutionising Adtech: How a South African Scale-Up Leads the Charge

Flow, the leading innovator in automated social media advertising solutions, has transitioned from a disruptor in the real estate sector to a global pioneer in data-powered Adtech. As data is considered more valuable than oil, utilising it successfully is essential in any digital marketing strategy.

Co-Founders and CEOs of Flow, Dan Levy and Gil Sperling have extensive experience in Adtech and over the last four years, have diversified Flow’s offering to reach a variety of businesses including financial services, retail, e-commerce, MLMs, and more, beyond South Africa’s borders, gaining an established presence in over 20 regions.

Revolutionising Adtech: The Flow Story

Before launching Flow, Sperling and Levy made waves as CEOs of Popimedia, Africa's leading Adtech and performance marketing company, later acquired by global giant Publicis. Their entrepreneurial vision reshaped the Adtech landscape, leading to the birth of Flow, a dynamic platform addressing the fragmentation within the real estate sector.

Flow's inception aimed to empower real estate agents by providing scalable advertising solutions, previously unattainable due to time and resource constraints. However, the platform's versatility soon became evident, transcending the real estate realm and permeating diverse industries.

"We quickly realized that Flow's impact extends far beyond real estate," says Sperling, highlighting the platform's adaptability to various sectors.

To support this evolution, Flow has established three core pillars: Flow Connect, Flow Enterprise, and Flow Data, solidifying its position as a data-driven Adtech powerhouse enhancing reach and revenue for businesses.

Flow Connect:

Designed for network businesses like brokers and franchisees, Flow Connect harnesses scalable technology to engage high-intent audiences on social media platforms. By automating on-brand campaigns across multiple channels, businesses can achieve a competitive edge and expand their digital presence effortlessly.

Flow Enterprise:

Focused on portals, marketplaces, and CRM businesses, Flow Enterprise aims to boost revenue streams through automated featured listing ads. By retargeting users and strategically leveraging data segmentation, Flow ensures adverts reach the right audience, driving increased traffic and revenue for businesses.

Flow Data:

Flow Data empowers businesses to access exclusive, hyper-targeted audiences, enhancing media spend effectiveness. Utilizing first-party data strategies, Flow enables clients to amplify conversion rates and navigate the cookie-less world created by Google's impending changes.

With over 5000 successful campaigns and one billion impressions, Flow's impact is tangible, with marketplace partners witnessing up to a 400% increase in listing views from off-site adverts powered by Flow.

Flow's commitment to innovation is evident in its recent website launch, boasting enhanced navigation, clear communication, and faster loading times. As Sperling emphasizes, "Flow believes in keeping the process simple while seamlessly merging data and technology—a solution for today and tomorrow."

As Flow transitions from start-up to scale-up, its mission remains clear: to empower businesses globally through innovative Adtech solutions. With their new website serving as a testament to their passion and vision, Sperling and Levy are poised to impact even more clients and businesses worldwide.

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