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How to invest in property in 2023

My name is Carlo Mariani, founder of the Property Coach. I am a Property Investor and Entrepreneur with more than 17 years local and international property investment track record and 21 years as a business owner.

My life’s passion is to support aspiring, novice, growing and experienced Property Investors to fast track their property Success.

Our recent family “white” holiday in the Italian Alps suffered a big blow when my wife Zinhle fell on an icy road. A badly fractured wrist and a trip to the local casualty ensued, with an early return to SA to help her recovery and healing.

If you hope or plan for 2023 to be easier, you will be likely very disappointed… Expect the unexpected and be ready for it.

Here are 2 hacks to help you:

⛑️ Have a crash helmet in the form of adequate health and property insurance

⛑️ Have a back-up crash helmet in the form of adequate cash reserves so that you can sleep well at night no matter what is happening in the world, in SA and with your property investments

The best crash helmet I can think of is knowledge,  that is local and practical on how invest in property the right way.

And that’s exactly what you will get when you join me for the Live & Interactive Masterclass “Property Genesis”

If you want to Fast Track your Property Success you do not need to make all the mistakes…most of them have already been made for you! In my career as a Property Investor I have experienced close to everything:

      No clue on how to start this thing called “property”
    •     Little to no Money to fund my deals
    •     Nightmare Tenants
    •     Skyrocketing
    •     Maintenance Costs
    •     Vacant Properties
    •     “Pre-Approved” Finance application declined on the last day
    •     No Cash Flow and No Capital Appreciation
    •     Market Crash

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